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Sandy J

Top Reviewer
Rosati's Pizza is amazing! I first ordered last year. I had just got home from the hospital, I had been very ill with Acute Pancreatitis. I was on IV's and not eating for 5 days. When I got home I became ravenous and just wanted a cheap greasy pizza. I was looking at 3 different pizza places, Rosati's was the cheapest one so I ordered from there. I got Chicken on my pizza and it was delightful! There was literally a BLANKET of chicken that was so thick and juicy! I could not believe how healthy it tasted! And the crust (Deep Dish) was soft, not hard and crunchy. I got it again the next month but accidentally ordered the Stuffed instead of Deep Dish. It's like Deep Dish with an extra layer on top! I've been getting a Stuffed Pizza with Chicken every month since then. I could not be happier.

P. S. I think I'm going to be able to get a 2nd one this month. Yay!


Top Reviewer
The delivery driver went above and beyond. I ordered late at night and had fallen asleep. Between a security door intercom that only sometimes works, and a phone set to "do not disturb" past certain hours, the driver had no way to reach me. By the voicemails, multiple attempts were made since I already paid via GrubHub. The driver ended up sending a text with a photo of my delivery sitting between the entrance doors of my building, near the intercom. I woke at 6am, saw the text, and found the food. I texted back my apologies, confirmed receipt, and thanked him for his efforts.

But still... I had the quesadilla rolls for breakfast. :) A bit wet from condensation after 6 hours... yes, but not bad considering they'd been out so long. I saved the chicken parm for dinner later that night. Had to toss out the bread and salad. But totally my bad.


3 reviews
Ordered 3 times and it's been consistent. I actually didn't order pizza from here so I'm not sure how that is. The food here is different and more expansive/better than the Rosati's closer to my house, I'm not sure if they have the same owner but the logos look the same. We have had a lot of the non pizza menu, and have been nothing but happy with what we got. I didn't know they were so far until we picked it up, I'll have to tip over 20% next time :)


2 reviews
Rosatis had everything correct, and yummy. Good price for good food, they delivered 30 minutes earlier than I expected. They threw in a brownie dessert for free because it was my boyfriend's birthday. The wings I got I expected to be like every place else... They were amazing!!!! I will use Rosatis for my new breaded wing spot. It was crunchy and so good with spicy buffalo flavor. Great job Rosatis. And very nice and polite delivery man.


1 review
Was very pleased with my order! Everything was there and looked presentable. I am also very happy that I was able to order late; I worked a third shift job, so its very nice and convenient to be able to order food, and get great service at that! All in all, I would rate my experience a 5 out of 5, and hope that more restaurants provide late night service soon. thank you Rosatis!

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